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The Red Sea Rules

Wednesdays, January 15 – March 18, 2020 ● Led by Barbara Gladney ● 6:00pm – 7:00pm ● Room: 213● Book + Workbook = $9.00 ● The Red Sea Rules reveals that even in the midst of seemingly impossible situations God promises to make a way for us. His loving guidance will protect us through danger, illness, marital strife, financial problems, or whatever challenges Satan places in our path. This is a coed class.

God Owns It All

Wednesdays, January 15 – February 19, 2020 ● Led by Bob Gladney ● 6:00pm – 7:00pm ● Room: 212 ● God Owns It All tackles the money question we all ask: How much is enough? The answer to this question is found in God's Word. With over four decades of experience in the financial-services industry, Ron Blue presents financial principles that are affirmed by the authority of Scripture and tested by the marketplace. This is a coed class.

I am a Church Member

Wednesdays, February 26 – March 15, 2020 ● Led by Bob Gladney ● 6:00pm – 7:00pm ● Room: 212 ● Book: $5 ● I Am a Church Member discusses the attitudes and responsibilities of church members. Thom Rainer addresses in detail what congregations should really be focusing on — praying for church leaders, being a functioning member, treasuring church membership, and more. This is a coed class.

Sunday School That Really Works

Sundays, January 26 – March 15, 2020 ● Led by Bob Gladney ● 4:00pm – 5:00pm ● Room: 215 ● This study is for every Small Group Teacher at Central Baptist Church and anyone interested in leading/teaching Small Groups. This study will help reenergize our traditional Sunday School by making it intentionally evangelistic, using proven methods and strategies already implemented in hundreds of growing churches. This is a coed class.

Understanding the Anger of God

Sundays, January 19 – March 8, 2020 ● Led by Nicole Vaughn ● 3:50pm – 5:00pm ● Room: 213 ● These were the last prophets to the Southern Kingdom of Judah before Judah was taken captive to Babylon. Each prophet cried out to a nation which needed to heed the Word of the Lord about judgment. Any nation, Assyria or Judah, which chose to worship idols rather than God, would be judged by God unless they turned to Him in repentance, but God would warn them first.These three prophets will teach you how God deals with those who turn away from Him and how He gives a warning to turn to Him rather than perish. This is a women study.

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